#154: How To Pare Down When Everything Is Precious

#154: How To Pare Down When Everything Is Precious

Getting rid of stuff is hard, especially when it comes to kids and their creations. So this week we’re sharing the simple trick we use to keep everything from arts and crafts to forts and cardboard box villages from taking over our house, without putting a damper on creativity. Spoiler alert: this trick works for adults and our favorite things too! Plus, armed with an expert’s advice and a new guideline for how much indoor greenery a home should have for optimal air quality, Sherry doubles down on our home’s plant collection. Also, why things got weird when we switched sides of the bed – and the embarrassing dangers of moving furniture.

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How To Hang Peel & Stick Wallpaper (On Video!)

How To Hang Peel & Stick Wallpaper (On Video!)

If you’ve been hesitant to jump on the wallpaper bandwagon, let this post be the soothing voice that gently strokes your hair and says “don’t worry my pet, wallpaper doesn’t have to be hard, permanent, or expensive. Also your hair looks good today, and I should probably stop touching it because I don’t know you like that.”

Adding wallpaper to the middle bedroom at our beach house took us just a few hours and cost us less than $100. It’s a whole lotta bang for not much buck (or extra high skill level). Plus it’s 100% removable so if we ever tire of it or want to swap it for something else, it’s not a big deal. So in this post we’ll show you exactly how we hung it, including a video I took of my lovely husband hanging a panel for you in real-time while I talk and point (you know, the things I’m most known for).

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Real Simple Home Master Bedroom Makeover!

Over the summer Court and I had the opportunity of a lifetime when Real Simple magazine asked us to overhaul the Master Suite in their 2019 Real Simple Home. The house is in Brooklyn and absolutely AMAZING. I was also so honored that they asked us to do it! I mean, we’re far from what you would consider interior design professionals. Funny story actually, they asked for a mood board of the room to make sure that the vibe jived with the other rooms in the house. I DIDNT EVEN KNOW HOW TO DO A MOOD BOARD. This actually happened. Luckily we got something sort of figured out and they left a lot of trust in my hands. But guys if this goes to show anything it’s that passion and your heart can take you to places you’ve never dreamed of.

We really identify ourselves as DIYers. You guys know that we loooove a good project. So as I was figuring out what type of DIY we could pull off for this space I knew that there were some restrictions that we had to work around. Because it was on the other side of the country, and because we had a jam packed summer travel schedule, we needed something that could be installed quickly. We couldnt spend days and days working on it in NYC. There was also the huge logistical situation of not having our tools/space to build the way that we do at home. It also (and most importantly) needed to be FREAKING AWESOME. I have been obsessed with caning since we used it on the bench for our entryway and knew that it needed to happen in this space. Thus the most beautiful cane wall on the planet was born. Tutorial is on it’s way, but until then, check out this quick overview video on Real Simple.

Home Depot was the sponsor for the room, which meant that all furniture and accessories are straight from my favorite orange store. Yes, the chandelier. Yes, the bed. Yes, the accent chair. Yes, the rug. ALL OF IT!! If my years of incessant Home Depot love hasn’t turned your heart yet, maybe this space will! All of the pieces are linked below!

My favorite piece in the room is the bed. Oh my gosh, it has the best art deco design don’t you think? I am digging so hard on the arches and the black and brass two tone finish. 

If you’ve been around Vintage Revivals for any length of time you know that I usually dont paint an entire room a color. I love white (specifically my secret formula Mandi White) with my whole heart. But with this space I pushed myself out of my comfort zone a little and painted all of the walls Rosemary. If you are on the hunt for a good mid-tone green this one gets my stamp of approval!

This was such a fun project to work on and challenging in all of the best ways! I hope you guys had fun following along and getting a peek behind the curtain! If you want to relive the whole process, check out the RS House highlight reel on Instagram!

Llama Print

Art Deco Bed


Leather Accent Chair



Pendant Lights


Cabbage Rose Print

Hi Print

Lifeguard Print


Arched Mirror



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#153: Easy Ways To Make Your Day Less Annoying

#153: Easy Ways To Make Your Day Less Annoying

You guys submitted your favorite life hacks over the last few weeks, so today we’ve got an episode bursting at the seams with all of those cheap & simple tricks for making your home run smoother and your day a little less frustrating. We’ve got everything from clever cleaning tips and unconventional storage ideas to both high and low tech ways to keep you more organized. We’re also sharing why we’re giving a BIG EYEROLL to the latest part of our master bathroom renovation and a new money saving tool that we got for our kids.

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Getting electrical work done

When you hire an electrician to do work on your home, make sure they are licensed and issue a Certificate of Compliance for their work. While you can do a limited amount of electrical work on your own home, unless you are sufficiently skilled, it is much better to get an electrician to undertake the work.

WorkSafe administers the principal laws governing electrical work in New Zealand. These are:

The law allows homeowners to do a limited amount of electrical work in their home.

Any person other than a homeowner who carries out prescribed electrical work is required to be registered by the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB). All electrical workers who carry out electrical work in return for payment or reward must hold an annual practising licence.

When you contract an electrical worker always ask to see their practising licence and check the expiry date. This is proof that the worker is qualified to do electrical work safely.

Note: the colour of the licence changes every two years.  If you are unsure if your electrical worker is licensed get in touch with the EWRB

Certificate of Compliance (CoC)

Electricians must issue a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) to customers when doing any fixed wiring work, including fitting new power points. CoCs are not issued for maintenance work, such as replacing sockets and light fittings or repairing appliances.

The CoC indicates that the work done is electrically safe and has been carried out in accordance with New Zealand’s electrical safety standards and codes. It also shows they have tested their work once completed.

Keep your CoC in a safe place as a record of the work done on your property. It is an important document and may be required for insurance claims or when you are selling your home.

A CoC guarantees that the work:

  • has been completed by a licensed electrician
  • meets safety standards set by law, and
  • has been tested.

Electrical safety inspections

The law also requires some electrical work to be inspected, particularly work on the main switchboard, the main cable, and the main earth. The electrician you employ is responsible for arranging for a licensed electrical inspector to carry out the inspection. Keep the inspection report with your CoCs, a copy of this guide and other important information.

If you have any concerns about your home being electrically safe, have it checked by a licensed electrical inspector.

Buying a home

Before buying a home, get a licensed electrician or inspector to verify that all installations, outbuildings and electrical equipment are electrically safe. They can also identify any electrical problems you may face in the future.

Ask the vendor about all the electrical work undertaken and sight all CoCs. This acts as an assurance that a licensed electrical worker has performed the job safely. The CoC is also important for liability and insurance purposes, should something go wrong.

Building or renovating a home

When building a new home or renovating an existing one, plan for your present electrical needs and for what you may need in the future. Make sure you have adequate power points and fittings and ask your electrical worker to advise you of the latest electrical safety devices available.

Although you may have to spend a little more up front, it may save a life in the future.

Your rights – How to complain about sub-standard or unsafe electrical work

If you have a problem with electrical work done in your home, first discuss it with the electrical worker or company who did the job. If you are still unhappy, you can lay a formal complaint with the EWRB. For more information about making a formal complaint, contact the EWRB at 0800 66 10 00 or check their website at www.ewrb.govt.nz

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